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Rules You Should Be Aware Of.

A lot of people know that red diesel is the fuel that farmers use, but they don’t know what it is and the laws that govern its use. It is a fuel that is used in marine, agricultural and construction industries. It is also known as gas oil.

The tax paid on red diesel is lower than the normal white diesel you use in your car. The two are basically the same, but the red dye is added to the white diesel on order to make it easier to detect the illegal use of this fuel.

Vehicles that can use this fuel.

It is to be made clear it is strictly not for road use. Anyone caught using red diesel as road fuel will now face a maximum fine of £500 – £250 for the offence of taking in red diesel and a separate fine of £250 for using the fuel.

The rules on what types of vehicle can use red diesel is complex. Unlicensed vehicles that have not been used on public roads and only on private land can use the fuel. The general rule is that it can’t be use on road vehicles. It can also be used on licensed vehicles as long as the vehicle is only driven on private land.

You can also this fuel for your agricultural vehicles as long as they are used for agricultural, forestry, or horticultural purposes. The HMRC has rules on what is classified as an agricultural vehicle. There are also rules on the distance it can be travelled.

This fuel is used in the marine industry for both commercial and leisure boats. When it comes to leisure boats, the owners must use the fuel for the heating and the boat can only be used in the UK and not in other parts of the EU.

In the construction industry, the owners of cranes and excavators can get their fuel from red diesel supplier, but the HMRC has placed some restrictions on how they can be used. Gritters and other items can also use the fuel. Work trucks can use the diesel, but it must not exceed over the distance mentioned in the rules by the HMRC.

Fines and legalities.

Depending on the severity of the case and whether the authorities are fooled when they tried to test for red diesel, the penalties on using this fuel illegally can vary. At the lower end of the spectrum, using the fuel the wrong way can lead to a civil offence, and you need to pay a fine worth a couple of hundred pounds. Obstruction and other cases that are considered more dangerous can lead to a criminal offence that can result to imprisonment and a large amount of fines. The car could also be seized by the authorities.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you this fuel. Ensure that you use the fuel properly.

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Reasons to Buy Smokeless Coal

Real fire can make a big difference in one’s home, but it shouldn’t make an impact on the environment. More people have rediscovered the joy of having real fire in their existing chimneys. There are some who invested in multi-fuel stoves. Majority of these people opt to use smokeless coal, which is more cost efficient than traditional coal. The smokeless variant is also friendlier to the environment.

Smokeless coal has been designed to be used in smoke free regions across the UK. They are made to improve the air quality in the city. Regular coal from coal merchants not only produces smoke, they also release carbon dioxide. The smokeless variant emits almost next to nothing smoke and reduces the CO2 emission compared to house coal.

After the implementation of the 1956 Clean Air Act, the use of smokeless coal has become popular. The Clean Air Act is an attempt to improve the air quality in cities and towns after the Great Smog in 1952. Smokeless has to produce less than 5 grams of smoke per hour of burning. This means that when smokeless fuel is burned, it emits fewer emissions.

Smokeless coal doesn’t need to be used only in smoke control areas. Everyone who wants to have a traditional fire at home can take advantage of the benefits that smokeless fuel brings. They can be used on various appliances such as room heaters, open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

The composition of smokeless coal makes it provide more efficient fire. The high carbon content creates less ash after they are used up. That means emptying the grate is not done more often compared with the use of common house coal.

Smokeless coal provides a third more heat than the common house coal. It can also burn up to 40 percent longer. That means they can burn hotter for a long period of time. You don’t need to replace the coal as often as when you use house coal. The less fuel you use, the less money you spend on coal. Smokeless coal might be more expensive, but you use less of it compared to house coal.

As you can see, smokeless coal has a number of benefits. It is more economical and efficient form of heating. Smokeless fuel is friendlier to the environment and releases less greenhouse gases to the air. It also leaves less unburned fuel to make it easier to clean after use.

Coal merchants usually offer both home coal and smokeless coal. While home coal is cheaper, the smokeless variant is the smarter choice. Plus, you don’t have the option to choose if you live in a smoke free area. So go smokeless and don’t settle for anything less.


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